Sunday, February 13, 2011


The weather had definitely changed. We left Zafra in a light drizzle and a bit of fog. It wasn't a problem since we were well prepared. Because of the rain I was unable to periodically stop and take care of my feet.  On my first Camino it beame a habit to clean my feet and socks and apply vaseline to my feet every two hours or so.  As a result, I never got so much as one blister.  I worried a bit about my feet as I walked the 21 km in a single go, but luckily I arrived at the end with happy feet.

On the outskirts of Zafra are the remains of a convent that goes back to the 15th century, the Torre de San Francisco. All the remains is this lonely sentinel watching over the pilgrims as we file past.

One of the things that I like about the directional markers in Extramadura is that you can rest and eat while sitting on them. There are very few places to sit along the rest of the Caminos other than in the main squares of towns and villages and sometimes that means you have to walk miles before you can take a load off your feet.

The trail was muddy from all the rain. I felt like I was carrying a part of Spain with me with every step as the grey clay-like mud clung to my boots leaving large craters in my wake.

Our muddy footprints.

We passed the Gothic Iglesa de Nuestra Senora in the main square in Los santos de Maimona

There is no albergue here, so, Franck and I stayed at the Casa Perin , something like a B&B but without the second B.

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