Sunday, February 13, 2011


Public transportation in Europe is great. It took the equivalent of  $6 and just over an hour to travel by tram, subway and bus respectively from Buda to the airport terminal. At the airport I was told that my luggage could only be checked through to Barcelona despite both legs of the trip being on the same airline. If it weren't for the time and distance I would have preferred the train!

I arrived in Sevilla at 11:15 on October 4 and took the airport shuttle to the Santa Justia bus station. Since it was after midnight the buses were no longer running and I took a taxi which I assumed would drop me off at the front door of the hostel.


The driver dropped me off at the Plaza de la Encarnacion and then directed me down a narrow side street.  Fifteen minutes later I was completely lost in the maze of narrow streets and alleys. A couple who spoke English rescued me and walked me to the entrance of the hostel, which I would never have found without their help. Because it was so late I had to take one of the less desirable upper bunks but surprisingly, I still got a good night's sleep despite a lot of noise.

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