Sunday, February 13, 2011


On the first day of my 2007 Camino, I met a fellow pilgrim from Hungary, Janos Szakal. We became good friends and walked together for about two weeks before separating but agreeing to meet in Finisterre, which we did.  On our third day together we fortunately met Krisztina Toth, also Hungarian. Since Janos spoke no English and I no Hungarian, she helped cement our friendship as she and I could converse in both English and German.

Janos, Krisztina and I in Finisterre at the end of the Camino in 2007

Returning to Europe for my second Camino provided the opportunity for my wife and I to visit Janos and his family in Debrecen prior to my departure for Sevilla. A final evening dinner in Budapest paralleled the dinner with Janos and Krisztina in Satiago de Compostela before we parted ways to return to our respective countries in 2007. We continue to keep in touch.

Our 2008 farewell dinner in Budapest with spouses and friends

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